Your Heavenly Account

God would never put your financial life in the hands of someone else. Only we do that is our ignorance. Jesus proved this at the pool in Bethsaida. The current system is set up for people to depend on others for sustenance. This was never supposed to be the plan. Your wealth is in you.

The good news is that there is no limit to how much wealth is on the inside of you. There is untold wealth. The problem is that people put their limit or expectation in accordance to what they think other people will give them. You set how much you are going to withdraw because it’s your bank. It’s your account. Let’s imagine that $1000 was deposited in your account every day since the day you were born.

For me, that works out to $15 million approximately. Which is pretty cool. I have at least $15 million within me. Less than 1/4 of the of 1% of that will get me out of debt. Now here is the question that virtually all of you have, how do I get that money in my hands. When can I write checks and they won’t bounce? Just like having multiple accounts in the seen realm, we have multiple accounts in the unseen realm. I have 10 accounts with at least $15 million in each of them.

Accounts must be transferred over. When you know you have this much money, you’ll never worry about money again. Just transfer the money over and stop worrying. You do realize that the only reason your current accounts have money is because of your faith in them?

The bank tells you to have a certain amount of money, you believe them. But if you tell yourself you have a certain amount of money, you doubt it? Money is an idea. Once you understand that it can never control you again.

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