Vision Background (Loopable)

Write the Vision

The Bible has a verse that reads,

Write the vision and make it plain. That he may run that reads it.”

Successful people understand the power of vision.

But your desired image of yourself should not just stay in your head.

You should write your goals down daily.

Think about how much is on your mind during a given day. And how many things you need to remember, be it PINs, passwords, names, places.

The memory gets a workout.

Our visions get pushed to the side.

If you have an idea for your life, you should write it down.

Documentation is a big deal in the business world. It’s also essential when it comes to our lives.

Napoleon Hill talked about the importance of a definite purpose. This purpose is a statement of what you want to do in a given period.

Most people lack purpose and subsequently drift throughout life with no real goals or direction.

Having no definite primary aim can be very easy to fall into the busier you are.

Of course, the antidote is to conjure a primary chief goal in life. Once you come up with it, write it down. Let’s take the example of losing weight.

I would write a vision like this:

I weigh 200 pounds and am healthy by August 1, 2019.

Once that vision is written down, I would read it over and over. Some studies suggest that a child learns its name within seven months.

We learn and recall primarily through repetition.

As you write the goal down and recite it to yourself, it starts to register in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, according to multiple experts, can be reprogrammed. Writing down your vision programs it into the subconscious mind.

Which then works to create that vision in your life.

The creative process happens all the time, but most people do it unconsciously.

If you have a vision of lack, you will reproduce it even when you have all the ability and skill in the world.

Countless educated people are broke and struggling because somewhere along the way, they got a vision of defeat and shortage.

Writing your purpose down cements it in your mind. Get a clear idea and then continually go over what you wrote. You will be amazed at how different your life will look.

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