The Lion in Us

When I watch a lion on one of those nature shows, I see the aggressiveness of the animal, known as the king of the jungle. It’s important to note that the lion is not the most massive creature, nor the fastest, or the smartest, but it is the king.


Because of his belief.

The lion believes he will defeat any adversary no matter the size, or skill, or speed the opponent has.

There is a belief that the lion has.

In the same way, as men, we used to have this belief. We were born thinking we could defeat anyone.

Society domesticates men by and large into house-cats. We were born lions. We were born kings. But we are forced into more agreeable states of being even if that isn’t our destiny.

Playing it safe or being average is not in your DNA

We are aggressive by nature.

We are risk-takers by nature.

Why is the lion the way he is?

Because if he isn’t aggressive, he will starve. Everything he needs, he has to take.

He has to be aggressive because the bear doesn’t want to die. T]

The wildebeest doesn’t want to be food.

The lion doesn’t care because he and his family have to eat, which means survival comes at a cost.

The lion eating means tearing a family apart.

The lion doesn’t care.

When it comes to our goals, we have to adopt this aggressive mentality the lion has.

There is no option B for a lion.

Option B means he starves and dies.

So he must kill. He must interrupt whatever the other animal is doing. He has to be oblivious to it. Because it’s either kill or starve.

There are no supermarkets in the jungle. Amazon doesn’t deliver there.

You have to kill to eat.

In the same way, we have to adopt the mentality of kill or die when it comes to our goals.

Kill or die means sending cold emails, cold calls, bothering people who don’t want to be bothered. Waking up early or going to bed late, or both.

It’s kill or die….

If you don’t kill enough, your business dies.

This reality is your reality. Most people don’t have this mentality, and it shows through their daily effort. Most people in the West want to be comfortable. The way of the lion is very uncomfortable. But it will lead to success. Decide to kill or else.

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