The law of attraction

The law of attraction seems simple enough to operate in, but I think people overthink it. If you want to live an amazing life, it doesn’t add up if you think things are hard and difficult. You don’t want things to be hard and difficult. So why do you think that way? Of course, its habit. That last question was rhetorical.

You know that the two thoughts don’t match up. The law of attraction is about matching up thoughts and action. If you are trying to manifest resources, thinking and talking about how you don’t have enough won’t help. It has to align. The key to get in your house has to fit the lock. If it doesn’t fit the lock, the door doesn’t open. It isn’t personal. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. It’s that the thing you want does not fit with the life you want. The two have to match in order to have it in your hands. If you need to manifest a certain amount of money, the way to think about it is how would you feel if that amount of money we’re in your bank account right now? It would be a relief wouldn’t it? It would feel amazing. You would feel terrific. So work on that piece of it. Im not saying to not to take action. But I am saying that the action you take won’t profit you much with the wrong attitude. The wrong attitude is the wrong thoughts. Thinking I can’t afford it, I can’t lose weight. Im tired. Im overwhelmed. None of these thoughts will get anything over than what they say. Thinking I’m overwhelmed only gets you more overwhelming feeling.