The Flow

I learned some time ago about this importance of non-resistance. It is nothing weak about it. It may seem like being non-resistant is an easy way out, but it is actually wise. What do I mean by non-resistance? It means not being bothered by every single thing a person does. It also means allowing people to be who they are. This is not for the purpose of people running you over or mistreating you but to always keep the flow open. This is about allowing the flow of all good to continue in your life. I wrote before that the flow of all that is good in every flowing in our lives. This flow never stops.

It flows whether the Democrats or Republicans are in office. It flows whether it rains or snows. It flows whether or not we feel like it’s flowing. We should never confuse the flow with our experience of it. Things can be flowing and we may or may not experience it.

Your experience fo the flow is different than the flow itself. Resistance is the main way we interrupt this flow. anytime we are bothered, upset, revengeful, or frustrated, we are blocking the experience of the flow. When we are grateful, happy, at peace, we are allowing the flow to come into our lives.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, any disturbance in your body, relationship troubles, problems with your children, these are all signs that resistance is high and the flow is low. the best thing to do to correct this is to allow flow to come in.

Allow people to be who they are. No longer criticize a person especially someone close to you. this raises resistance in you and causes those bad feelings and results to emerge. Make this is a daily practice. Let people be who they are. Don’t pray for people to change but pray for them to be the best version of themselves. This simple principle will allow amazing things to transpire in your life like you never thought possible

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