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One Percent Better

In our society, there is a constant striving for perfection. Most people understand this is a waste of time. Perfection is a never-ending quest which often ends up working against us rather than for us. The antidote is to work toward improvement. If there is a never-ending quest we should be on, it’s improvement.

Specifically, I’ve decided to pursue getting 1 percent better each day. I like one percent because it isn’t too daunting, it’s well in reach for anyone. If you focus on becoming one percent better and stick with it, you will be twice as effective as you are now in 100 days or roughly 3 months. You will be twice as productive, twice as knowledgeable, twice as good at what you do. If you did this every 100 days, you could triple your value every year. In strictly financial terms, that is staggering growth. You could from $50,000 a year to $12,500,000 year in just 5 years.

Is growth that linear? I don’t know.

Maybe you won’t end up making $50,000 year, but you’ll very likely end up with more. A lot more. It’s worth the effort. It’s worth the time. So what does one percent better mean? Again, let’s keep it simple. Is there one you can improve upon at work? Is there one thing you can improve at home? Find that one thing and become maniacal about improving it. This simply means doing better than yesterday. The great thing is tomorrow you could find a way to do it even better. Do this every single day and make sure you don’t lose ground. That is, don’t let something you’ve already improved upon slip. If you do that, you will write your own ticket in life. You will no longer have to beg for a job, jobs will come looking for you. Customers will look for you, you will no longer need to look for them.

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