The Law of Polarity

Emmet Fox is one of my favorite metaphysical teachers. His Mental Equivalents lecture is one of my favorite works and something I frequently come back to in my study. In one chapter, Fox explains the law of polarity. This law explains that two things produce one thing. Think of it in terms or mother and father producing a child. In the world of metaphysics, clear thought and an accompanying feeling in line with that thought produce a manifestation. This idea is one of the more important discoveries I’ve made in my studies. Most people easily conjure a thought of what they want. Let’s say you want a red Ferrari. That is easy enough to figure out. But if you want to manifest a red Ferrari, feeling you have it is the key. You don’t have to feel it for long, as I have found it is potent. There are different goals I’ve had that weren’t moving along at all, but once I started feeling the solution as something that exists now, it happened very quickly. The challenge, of course, is that we feel a lot of things as we pass through life. One thing I have decided to work on is keeping the channels open. When you spend too much time being upset with [people, your feelings become active. A thought has power but that power is amplified when it is backed with feeling. Let’s say someone cuts you off on the highway, you may feel like cursing that person out (or worse). All they did was change lanes too early. But if you were already feeling poorly, then that just added to the feeling. If the thought says, “they are taking something from me” is amplified by the feeling that someone is taking something from me then the manifestation is “someone is taking something from me.” You will notice that crime is often higher in neighborhoods where the prevailing thought is “someone is taking something from me”. If you have the thought that your business is succeeding then add the feeling of success, then it has to produce a manifestation as that is the law.

Practice this principle over the next few weeks. Take something you want to manifest over the next 30 days. Think of it first then practice the feeling of it. Continue to practice the feeling until it manifests.