Martin Williams

Don’t live on the level of confusion

You may have heard that you are what you eat. Though the term refers to physical food, it is the same in terms of what we consume mentally. If you feed on negativity, that is what will proliferate in your mind.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about confusion.

Why is it that so many people don’t know what to do? Why do people doubt themselves so much? I think it comes back to the way we think. If you think bad things are going to happen, that type of thinking will lead to bad decisions.

Many people are afraid to make bad choices, which is why they are confused. If the choice was between good and good, there wouldn’t be much of a conundrum. Just choose something and keep moving.

But the fear of a bad decision leads to bad decisions. Let’s say maybe you are faced with some decisions you need to make sooner than later.
The first question is: what are your options?
The second question is: what are the downsides to each of the options? Then third: which of the options has a downside you can either eliminate or live with.

Once you’ve gone through this blueprint with each of your decisions, you can make decisions quicker and with less stress. Most people live in fear of the downside. They fear negativity. The fear of negativity brings more of it. It makes more sense to focus more on the upside in the execution phase.

Most people don’t execute because of the fear of failure. This is easily handled by making a promise and a commitment. Let’s pretend you will make a series of promises.

Let’s say you want to launch a program.
The promise is that you will never stop.
The promise you make to yourself is that you will launch a program in one calendar year from this day.
You will tell every single person you know about this program.
And that once the program is completed, you will market and promote the product for one calendar year after the launch date. If it doesn’t work, then we revisit. Basically, you are committing 2 years to this. The downside is you may not sell one program. The upside is that you might sell a million and be able to retire early. You also get 2 years of experience in promoting products.

To simplify:

If the upside > downside, then do it

If the upside = downside, wait or don’t do it. If you cant delay the decision then don’t do it

If the downside > upside, don’t do it